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People questions

  • How do you repair damaged wood?

    Exposure to weather, gaps, and cracks contribute to the formation of live in wooden window frames. After rot begins, it can spread quickly, and large amounts of a wall can begin to weaken. Our company offers rotten wood window repair services, but each case requires urgent treatment to avoid the damage from becoming irreparable.
  • How much does window restoration cost?

    The cost of a window restoration may not be known until a specialist has looked at the window. For that reason, some windows can be replaced cheaply due to their simple structure, and others are made more expensive. The cost depends on the condition of the sash and how many sides need repair.
  • Is it cheaper to replace glass in a window?

    Yes, a replacement window is less expensive than replacing the entire window. You can contact our office and provide some rough measurements of glass so that you can get a price quote.
  • How much does it cost to repair sliding glass door?

    Our goal is to save you money when you break at first. The expense of some or all repairs will depend a great deal on variables like configuration, size, and other things when working with glass. Contact us today to get an estimate!
  • How much does it cost to replace a rotted window frame?

    The wooden sashes in sash windows may start to rot after short time. We think that just repairs could help our customers save money by comparing to installing brand-new windows. The costs of repairs will be assessed after the inspection takes place.
  • How much does it cost to replace window sash?

    The cost of wooden sash mend is significantly less than replacing the entire window. The price of such repairs may change based on brand and quality of windowpane. So talk to a specialist for preliminary case inspection.
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Wood window frames can last a very long period of time, but they require regular maintenance and refinishing services. Otherwise the wood can start to rot or completely deteriorate!
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When Should You Call a Window Technician?

When is it time to call a window repairman? When there are serious breakdowns, for example, your window opened in both positions at once, the glass broke, or maybe the fittings jammed, the window does not open or close. In other situations, let's say "planned", an urgent call is not required (replace the seal, adjust the window to winter or summer mode).

We will fix the main breakdowns, and malfunctions as soon as possible:

1) Depreciation of window fittings, which usually manifests itself in the breakdown of the central drive or corner joints. The reasons may be a long service life or mechanical damage.

2) Sagging or loss of Chicago of the seals, which may occur during long-term operation. In this case, it is necessary to replace the seal.

3) Fogging of the glass from the inside is a sign of a violation of the tightness of the double-glazed window, this leads to a loss of sound insulation and transparency.

4) Mechanical damage to the profile. In this case, in case of severe damage, the repair of products made of aluminum or plastic profiles may consist in replacing part of the structure or in its complete replacement.

Reasons to Call a Window Repair Technician:

  1. You bought an apartment in a new building, and immediately faced with window problems?
  2. No need to change, much cheaper to repair them.
  3. Did you install plastic windows many years ago, but did not take care of them properly?
  4. We will give products a second life (we will replace the seal, adjust the sash, repair fittings, etc.)
  5. Installed plastic windows not so long ago, but problems have already begun. Did the company that installed the windows disappear somewhere?
  6. Our master will arrive on the day of the appeal and solve all the problems with the windows.
  7. Have you accidentally opened a window incorrectly and can't close it?
  8. We will come and close the window, and adjust it so that this does not happen again in the future.

All of the above malfunctions can be eliminated at any stage of their manifestation. It is important to know that repair costs at the first sign of a breakdown can be significantly lower. That is why we recommend that you contact the specialists of our company in the Chicago in time and carefully take care of the windows.

We are your advantage

Our company offers a wide range of services for the perfect repair and maintenance of windows and translucent structures in the Chicago and statewide market. Our reverent approach to recruitment allowed us to assemble teams of absolute professionals and competent masters of their craft, our employees are always ready to solve the tasks.

The company has earned its reputation over the years, which is very valuable, for this reason, we do not work on quantity but focus on the quality of our window repair services.

  • Punctuality and efficiency are two of our main advantages.
  • Our window repair specialists are very meticulous in their work, and all debris is disposed of after repair. We hand over plastic profiles and double-glazed windows for recycling. In our work, we use components and spare parts only from suppliers proven over the years of cooperation. Absolutely all materials are of high quality and safe for human and animal health.
  • To draw up a contract, you do not need to go somewhere, because the master will do everything at your home. Of course, you get the perfect combination of quality and cost of services.
  • We give a long-term guarantee for both work and products because we have absolute confidence in our specialists.
  • Individual approach, without imposing unnecessary additional services.

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Window Repair & Glass Replacement

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